Monday, June 15, 2015

Blandair Park Phase 2 Coming soon!

They have now cleared a large patch of forest and a field and plan to close Oakland Mills road soon.  I am not to excited about the closing of Oakland Mills Road, but the bend in the road is dangerous and it should be fixed.  A bunch of trucks are moving piles of earth and the animals are fleeing in a panic!  The neighbors are about to get more lights and noise from 2 baseball fields and a bunch of tennis courts.  The county messed up phase 1, hopefully they do phase 2 better.  Like phase 1 we will have to see phase 2 built before we really know what we will get.  Who knows what they have not disclosed in meetings.  They never mentioned AIR HORNS in the phase 1 meeting and we get blasted with three fields often.  StOp ThE ChAoS!!!!