Monday, June 15, 2015

Blandair Park Phase 2 Coming soon!

They have now cleared a large patch of forest and a field and plan to close Oakland Mills road soon.  I am not to excited about the closing of Oakland Mills Road, but the bend in the road is dangerous and it should be fixed.  A bunch of trucks are moving piles of earth and the animals are fleeing in a panic!  The neighbors are about to get more lights and noise from 2 baseball fields and a bunch of tennis courts.  The county messed up phase 1, hopefully they do phase 2 better.  Like phase 1 we will have to see phase 2 built before we really know what we will get.  Who knows what they have not disclosed in meetings.  They never mentioned AIR HORNS in the phase 1 meeting and we get blasted with three fields often.  StOp ThE ChAoS!!!!


  1. I am starting a petition on to the HoCo Dept. of Recs. and Parks to ask them to stop constructing Phase 2 of Blandair. So far, I only have 4 signatures, and I need 1000 by July 10th so I could use all the help I can get. If you would like to sign it (completely optional), please go to the above link, and if you do sign it, let other people know about it so we can make them stop constructing the park. Thanks! (again, this is completely optional)

  2. Also, I was wondering if I could use your "Blandair Park, stop the Chaos" picture on the petition because it will have a bigger impact on other readers, it will not be used without your consent.

  3. I wish I'd gotten involved during the planning process. Because I would have vehemently argued against it.

    I live over on Columbia Road. Will this raise my property values? Perhaps. But I don't care. What it's done instead is robbed us of one of Columbia's natural treasures, the rural section of Oakland Mills Road.

    The closing of that road from Sohap Lane -- which looks to be permanent -- has made it extremely inconvenient to get from one side of town to the other, and removed an aesthetically pleasing part of the town.

    What happened to the open space we were supposed to have here? That idea seems to have disappeared.

    Would you consider starting an anti-Blandair Facebook page? If so, I'd join up. The two Facebook groups about Columbia are filled with mindless government workers who are cheerleaders for everything the county wants to do, no matter how bad.

    Not to wax dramatic, but in closing Oakland Mills Road, I think they've ruined Columbia. I plan on moving to Catonsville soon anyway. No one needs another park for Columbia's over-active, over-scheduled children. The end.

  4. For better impact, you should bring this page to Facebook. I wrote "thepetitiongirl" about this. If you create a page, I think the media might pick up on it like they did with the "You Knew You Grew Up in Columbia If..." page. Contact me for more info, if that's possible through Blogger.