Sunday, April 13, 2014

Phase 2 Phase 3 Blandair Park

Phase two and three of Blandair park needs to be done with some more class and concern for the community.  The neighbors around the park still get constant blasts from air horns and the PA system.  People from the park are coming through their yards at all hours of the day and night.  The noise is already out of control.  At times the parking is horrible spilling into the neighborhoods.  We hope the county gets this fixed and improved on in the next few phases.  The community is still waiting for more trees to help absorb some of the noise and lights.  Of course it will take ten years before they are big enough to do much good! More baseball fields, lights, traffic, and noise coming soon!  Oh and do not stand down wind of the dog park that's coming soon.  Love the park hate the chaos!  Get rid of Air horns and the PA system as a start.  Good neighbors do not use air horns!

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