Saturday, March 22, 2014

AIR HORNS ARE BACK: Stop the noise!

The air horns are back!  Been blaring all morning!  Starting to rattle my nerves.  Howard County Recs and Parks said that they want to be good neighbors but air horns going off all morning is not my definition of good neighbors.  Does anyone out there think they are good neighbors?


  1. Its just another crazy day at Blandair!

  2. So today the air horns went off all day. I noticed that field three was much louder than the other two. Come to find out the cap restricting the sound was off and it was blasting at full strength. I went and picked up the busted cap and walked it up to a recs and parks official. I would guess a ball had hit the horn and knocked off the cap. I told him that the air horns are extreamly loud today and then sat the broken cap down in front of him. Maybe a recs and park official shoud have noticed that one field was much louder than the others. Not like they care as they do not have to hear it all day long. HOCO Recs and Parks can do better. Just turn them off!