Saturday, November 15, 2014

Maryland Mini Super Bowl Madness at Blandair Park


So the Superbowl has returned to Blandair Park!  More noise, more traffic, to many people and more chaos this whole weekend!  The neighbors living around the park are being interrupted from morning to late at night.  The have their most busiest event every year when all the leaves are off the trees making it even worse!  The neighbors can hear the PA systems and yelling crowds in their homes and the lights shine upon their homes until late at night!  The also have a 10 minute wait to drive down their road to get to their house with so many people trying to get in the park.  In fact the park is so full that there are hundreds of cars are piled in a field at Blandair Park.  Don't forget that Oakland Mills Highschool is also adding to this chaos as games are being held there as well.  We are surrounded by noise and chaos.  Residents here have had enough!   

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Phase 2 Blandair Park

Phase Two of Blandair Park should start soon but many questions remain.  It is almost like they have to build it first to see what we get.  After looking at the phase II map I wonder why there are going to be 5 tennis courts?  I know that the county sold the Tennis courts in many meetings about how Oakland Mills High School could use the fields but they are now on the far side of the park.  What high school program is going to walk that far away? Not many I bet.  The neighbors asked to have some basketball courts put in, but we get tennis instead.  How about some mixed use and put a few basket ball hoops up as well?

I am impressed to see that a bearm is mentioned for the neighbors so that noise and sound will be blocked.  Then again the other side of the park never got a bearm, just a few planted trees.  I guess that the phase two side gets a bearm and the other side in phase one gets the shaft!  The phase 2 map also talks about a concession area.  I am not sure what that means?  Will there be a little cafe in the park now?  I also wonder if they are going to get rid of the gross porta potties at Blandair?  They said over a year ago that they would remain, but why pay to maintain them if you build another set of bathrooms?  How about building it big enough to suit the park and get rid of those stinky things?

We were also told that there would not be any additional PA systems added in the new phase.  Thats good because 3 fields with air horns and PA systems is enough after they add 100 plus more screaming fans with phase two baseball fields my bet s that it will only get louder.  Like I said though do not believe the map as it may look good on paper, they will have to build it to see what we really get.  Hopefully they get phase two right because they were way wrong on phase one!

You can see the phase 2 map here

Sunday, April 13, 2014

Phase 2 Phase 3 Blandair Park

Phase two and three of Blandair park needs to be done with some more class and concern for the community.  The neighbors around the park still get constant blasts from air horns and the PA system.  People from the park are coming through their yards at all hours of the day and night.  The noise is already out of control.  At times the parking is horrible spilling into the neighborhoods.  We hope the county gets this fixed and improved on in the next few phases.  The community is still waiting for more trees to help absorb some of the noise and lights.  Of course it will take ten years before they are big enough to do much good! More baseball fields, lights, traffic, and noise coming soon!  Oh and do not stand down wind of the dog park that's coming soon.  Love the park hate the chaos!  Get rid of Air horns and the PA system as a start.  Good neighbors do not use air horns!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

AIR HORNS ARE BACK: Stop the noise!

The air horns are back!  Been blaring all morning!  Starting to rattle my nerves.  Howard County Recs and Parks said that they want to be good neighbors but air horns going off all morning is not my definition of good neighbors.  Does anyone out there think they are good neighbors?

Thursday, February 13, 2014

I have decided to move the resistance to Chaos at Blandair Park to my Blog and take down the Blandair Park Website.    The resistance continues, just in a different format. will now link to this Blog.  The County still has some work to do and this blog will be the resistance to hold them accountable.  Howard County Recs and Parks!  We expect you to be good neighbors!

Another Video against Chaos!

Blandair Park Videos: The Resistance to Chaos

The resistance to Chaos at Blandair Park:  Check out the video

Sunday, February 9, 2014

Turning off the lights at 10:00 PM

I just got a letter from the county that states that the closest field to the neighbors will go off at 10:00PM and the other two will be turned off at 10:00PM next year.  Finally some relief for the neighbors. Why did the neighbors have to throw such a fit to get the county to listen?