Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Phase 2 Blandair Park

Phase Two of Blandair Park should start soon but many questions remain.  It is almost like they have to build it first to see what we get.  After looking at the phase II map I wonder why there are going to be 5 tennis courts?  I know that the county sold the Tennis courts in many meetings about how Oakland Mills High School could use the fields but they are now on the far side of the park.  What high school program is going to walk that far away? Not many I bet.  The neighbors asked to have some basketball courts put in, but we get tennis instead.  How about some mixed use and put a few basket ball hoops up as well?

I am impressed to see that a bearm is mentioned for the neighbors so that noise and sound will be blocked.  Then again the other side of the park never got a bearm, just a few planted trees.  I guess that the phase two side gets a bearm and the other side in phase one gets the shaft!  The phase 2 map also talks about a concession area.  I am not sure what that means?  Will there be a little cafe in the park now?  I also wonder if they are going to get rid of the gross porta potties at Blandair?  They said over a year ago that they would remain, but why pay to maintain them if you build another set of bathrooms?  How about building it big enough to suit the park and get rid of those stinky things?

We were also told that there would not be any additional PA systems added in the new phase.  Thats good because 3 fields with air horns and PA systems is enough after they add 100 plus more screaming fans with phase two baseball fields my bet s that it will only get louder.  Like I said though do not believe the map as it may look good on paper, they will have to build it to see what we really get.  Hopefully they get phase two right because they were way wrong on phase one!

You can see the phase 2 map here

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