Monday, May 6, 2013


On Friday I returned home from work to find about half of the wooded buffer behind my house removed.  This is not what I was expecting in the landscape plan, but understand that some of the trees were dead or in bad shape.  Now I have a very open view of Blandair Park.  At least the dead trees were covered with vines and blocked some of the light and noise.  The county needs to plant a lot of trees as a few 8 foot tall trees will not cut it.  So far I am not impressed, but will wait and see what they do.  They have a lot of work to do.  No amount of trees will block all the amplified noise though and even when the trees are planted it will take 10 years or more to fill in to actually be a little effective.  What a mess.     

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  1. I am a neighbor in Emerson Hill and I have noticed the removal of numerous trees. There has been a tremendous increase in trespassing and I call from a recent meeting with John Byrd present that trees would be planted quickly due to summer coming and it being prime time to plant and have the trees survive. However, I have not seen any action taken for over 2 weeks regarding landscaping. Summer is in about 2 1/2 weeks. Just curious when someone is going to finish what they started and promised?