Wednesday, May 1, 2013

So we had a big community meeting a few days ago with Recs and Parks.  They came out to the community and placed flags of where they wanted to plant trees.  We had them pull up some because they were to close to our house and they moved them back.  Recs and Parks returns a few days later and put the flags back!  Are you kidding me!  My concern is that as trees are planted closer and closer to the houses our sight lines are decreased and it will invite more crime.  There is already a lot of crime.  We asked that trees be planted closer to the fields, but it appears at least for now that they are not doing that as no flags were placed.  Crazy thing is an additional tree or two behind each house will not stop the people from defecating and peeing in out back yards.  50 trees would not help with the amplified noise issue.  Maybe in 20 years it will be blocking the light, so we are in a wait and see with the landscape plan.  The landscape plan I fear will not solve much. 

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